For our clinic friends here a special offer - long term therapy in our clinic!

A long term therapy will bring you the ultimate experience!

You are stressed?
You need a special relaxation?
You want to be pampered and treated in our clinic?

Consult us!

Check in and experience an outstanding treatment.



This offer includes a three-hour therapy session with a complete examination by one of our doctors, intensive care nurses, or trainee nurses. As a result, an individual treatment plan will be drawn up. Needless to say that our staff is highly qualified to give you the treatments you need -- including the relaxation phases you´ll need after the exhausting therapies. The fee for the treatment for these three hours is 620 euros. We ask patients who require a complete rubber therapy to bring their own rubber suits if possible. If they need to borrow one, we have to charge a fee of 50 euros.

For appointments, please call at least two or three days ahead. Individual wishes are very welcome and will be realised if at all possible.