Variety of Therapeutical Treatments


You might be interested in the following:

Bladder irrigation
Needles and sewing, acupuncture
Injections (by Lady Mercedes)
Anal stretching
Vaginal stretching
Clinical long-term stays with plain ?fasting, forced food intake and outtake
Sweat therapies
Electric therapies
Breath control
Vital sign control
Taking swaps
Shaving measures
Forced food procedures
Relaxation therapies


Working in a well-equipped clinical environment means working precisely. Every step is well organised and every tool rests in its precise place. We would find our way around blind. We refuse any practice that would further irreversible damage. We only perform therapeutically treatments we are familiar with through our training and we are able to estimate the side effects of. In our profiles, we call ourselves Doctors, Assistant Doctor or Nurse. Those are stage-terms to make the scene feel more real. Not one of our Ladies is a trained doctor, but some of are certified nurses.

Quality, knowledge, sense of responsibility, and health care are our main concern! We only work with sterile materials. All instruments used for insertion into the body, as well as for enemas, will be sterilised in a professional way. All our tools are so safe to use we could treat ourselves with them.

Our medical staff consists of versatile and trained women who are able to perform precise treatments on our patients. And we all keep advancing our knowledge.



Zu unserem medizinischen Stab gehören ausschließlich Damen, die sich auf Grund ihrer Ausbildung und Neigung kenntnisreich um den Patienten kümmern und sensibel Eingriffe in dessen Körper vornehmen können. Weiterbildung ist für uns selbstverständlich und ein großes Anliegen. In unserem Institut finden regelmäßig Fortbildungen statt.