The Residenz - Our creation for your dreams!

The Avalon Residenz building complex with all its subterranean cells and cellars is listed for preservation. The former Prussian gun factory was built in 1854. The flair of the historic building is the perfect setting for your fantasies.

In the main building are our three tasteful furnished guest rooms, a spacious kitchen, play rooms (school room, clinic, studio), and a large lounge. The old dungeon offers a big variety of possibilities. Especially our different cells -- like the "normal" cell, the isolation cell or "The Hole" -- leave nothing to be desired. All in all that makes 600 square meters of nearly unlimited possibilities.

Right next to the principal building is the jewel of the Residenz -- the 100 square meter hall. It is the arena for our trials, sport events, military drills, slave auctions, exhibitions, and competitions. And it is great to look at -- the ceiling is 15 m high. Our 500 square meter courtyard is right next to the Havel and not open to public view. A big terrace and a landing stage invite the Mistresses and Masters for leisure, while underneath open air cells and pony stalls are waiting for the submissive.