SM-Holiday in Berlin!


The Residenz Avalon is the place for groups or couples to enjoy a special stay in Berlin.

For those who are interested in such a private stay we created a new homepage: with much mor informations.



The building is hidden and idyllic but is also easy to reach -- so it is ideal for combine a city trip to Berlin with your passion.

We have three stylish guest rooms waiting for you. From the entire building you have a wonderful view across the Havel. Our spacious terrace invites you to relax -- while your submissive partner can rest in an open air cell, a pony stall, cages and cells in hall and dungeon, just fixed in the courtyard... There are so many possibilities for a laid-back scenes without limits! See more pictures under "Facilities"





A complete tiled room for wet scenes of every kind

A clinic ambience with a genealogical chair

A school room with original forms, teacher's desk and black board
A confessional

A boudoir with a special bed which is good for bondage

A studio with a cross, cages, and a timber trestle

An open air pillory

A questioning room

A large number of authentic cells (if you wish with video surveillance)

A lot of space for the pony education, sulkies included

And everywhere there are loops, grommets and enchanted corners for lots of playing



The private bastion (guest rooms)

Three stylish but very different rooms in red, green, and blue. The red room has its own bathroom, the other two share one.

The modern kitchen is well equipped and has everything you need to let your slave cook. In the lobby there is an open fire place which you are welcome to use. From the lounge you have a stunning view across the Havel. Especially in the summer, when the windows are wide open, our guests love to play in the middle of this scenery.
Courtyard, terrace, and landing stage:

The courtyard is hidden so nobody can peek into it. High walls and blinds stop the curious. Our landing stage invites you for a sun bath while watching the water.


Sight seeing

Near the Residenz there is the Zitadelle Spandau, one of the most important Renaissance forts in Europe. During the summer several open air concerts and events take place in this historical surrounding.  Or why not stroll through the historical old town of Spandau?
With the nearby metro you reach the Kurfürstendamm with its elegant shops and Berlin-Mitte which is famous for its night life.


Just a few 100m away there is a shopping centre where you can buy everything you need for a decent dinner. You prefer catering? Please don´t hesitate to ask us, we´ll make the arrangements for you.

If you want to do a shopping tour the bizarre way please let yourself inspire form the following suggestions

Boutique Hautnah
(huge and exclusive selection of rubber, leather, and PVC plus SM toys)
Uhlandstr. 170
10719 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 8823434 opening hours Mon-Fri noon to 8 pm, Sat 11 am - 4 pm

Slacks Fashion
(selection of rubber and leather, mass customisation)
Mehringdamm 75 / Ecke Bergmannstraße
10965 Berlin
Opening hours Tue – Fri 11 am – 7 pm, Sat 11 am – 4 pm

Transportation connections

The Airport Tegel is 10 minutes away if you choose to take a cab. The Airport Schönefeld is reachable within 50 minutes (S-Bahn until Spandau and than the U7 till Zitadelle)

The station "Zitadelle", U7, is about seven minutes away by foot. From there you have access to the whole public transportation system.

If you come via car you are very welcome to park directly in front of the Residenz.